The project will undertake a Delphi review of expert opinion and a systematic literature review and overall synthesis to identify gaps in current research.

The project will also run a programme of events to build and extend networks among the academic community, other stakeholders and potential funding partners.

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Led by Professor Simeon Yates, Director of the Institute of Cultural Capital, the project team consists of a core team of academics from eight UK universities and a broader international steering group.

Collectively, the project team represents 18 universities and organisations from across the UK, France, the USA and Singapore, as well as three generations of international research experience in the area of digital media and society.

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The project team will be blogging regularly throughout the course of the systematic review, with periodic updates on the progress of the project, as well as carefully selected early findings designed to stimulate debate and provoke reflection.

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The scoping review will incorporate engagement with leading academic and non-academic stakeholders at regular intervals, as a means to inform, complement and validate the findings of the review.

This project team will also be organising a final networking event to coincide with the publication of its final report in spring 2017.

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