Reports released

Below you can find the final reports developed by the project for the ESRC and now released with the following covering statement:

Ways of Being in a Digital Age

In 2016 the ESRC commissioned an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research team to undertake a scoping review; encompassing the social, cultural, economic, political, psychological and other effects of digitalisation. .  Led by Professor Simeon Yates, Director of the Centre for Digital Humanities and Social Science at the University of Liverpool, the successful research team represented 16 universities from across the UK, EU, USA and Singapore and provides expertise from across a range of arts, engineering, social science and sciences fields.

The following reports are the culmination of the eight month scoping review. The findings and recommendations from the scoping review were considered by both the ESRC advisory committees and Council.

These reports will underpin and inform future areas of ESRC interest; including the progression of the ESRC agenda around AI, Automation and Robotics. This will prove critical for developing Cross-council partnerships in this area as well as maximising opportunities presented by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

Summary report

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Final report

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ESRC and DSTL Automation of Future Roles workshop report

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