The project team, led by Professor Simeon Yates, represents 18 international universities and organisations, with a core team of academics from UK universities supported by a broader international steering group.

Collectively, the project team represents three generations of international research on digital media and society, including pioneering early work on online interactions, mobile devices and e-government, as well as contemporary work around identity, inequality, data analytics, security and digital culture.

Core team

yates Prof. Simeon Yates, Institute of Cultural Capital
pidd Dr. Michael Pidd, University of Sheffield
joinson Prof. Adam Joinson, University of Bath
light Prof. Ann Light, University of Sussex
maskell Prof. Simon Maskell, University of Liverpool
taylor Prof. Claire Taylor, University of Liverpool
townsend Dr. Leanne Townsend, University of Aberdeen
weerakkody Prof. Vishanth Weerakkody, Brunel University
wessels Prof. Bridgette Wessels, University of Newcastle
whitty Prof. Monica Whitty, University of Warwick


Steering group


brookes Dr. Catherine Brookes, University of Arizona
dutton Prof. Bill Dutton, Michigan State University
frame Dr. Alex Frame, University of Bourgogne
helsper Dr. Ellen Helsper, London School of Economics
robinson Dr. Laura Robinson, Santa Clara University
baron Prof. Naomi Baron, American University
ling Prof. Rich Ling, Nanyang Technological University
rice Prof. Ron Rice, University of California, Santa Barbara
preston Dr. Alison Preston, Ofcom
vincent Dr. Alison Vincent, Cisco